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Not sure if ths is right place for this.


I hope so.
I write fanfic, it's probably not the greatest.
I wanted to put in a piece of dialog with some one attacking Astrid with a Shaolin move which is translated into English as 'blue dragon wags its tail'.

Google translate gives 'Lán lóng yáo wěiba' but a google search for this phrase (as a counter check) found nothing.

Is this all just western junk?

Is google translate way off?

What should the correct translation be?

pukapa nari:
Kaltxì ma archaic - 你好 :)

I'm not Chinese (I only speak a little chinese), but maybe have an idea to your problem ...

Maybe you have little more success if you try: 青龙摆尾 qīng ​lóng bǎi wěi

青 qīng = blue/green (like ean in Na'vi)
龙 ​lóng = dragon
摆 bǎi = wagging
尾 wěi = tail

I often use Bing translation ... or other special sites (e.g. )
to translate word by word ... often you need to have an opinion, how it could
be expressed in Chinese ... what means, you shoud have a little experience in
Chinese by learning the language ...

Eywa ngahu - 再见, 慢走 ...

Irayo ma Pukapa nari.  :D :-*

pukapa nari:
不谢  ;)

希望 那是你想要的...
Hope, it is what you were looking for ...

Eywa ngahu - 爱娃保佑你吧




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