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Picture 1:
Name: [??] Ren [??] (bad handwriting)
Department: [??] [??] department
Position: Ordinary employee
ID Number: 1166J0362

Picture 2:
1. This card can only be used for personal identification; giving it away to others is prohibited.
2. Employees should display this card on their left chests
3. Employees should display this card when entering the factory or dormitories
4. If this card is lost, please apply for a new one with the Human Resource Department. A fee of 10 yuan applies.

Why in the world did this end up in your cat litter box?

hì'ia tuté:
I don't know... I got a new Classic Littermaid (my old one broke, twice in less than a year) and when I was taking it out of the packaging, this ID badge fell out when I turned the box upside down to slide the box off of the Littermaid. I did a bit of research on the English words that were on it and found out that it was a Chinese company. I tried to get Google Goggles to translate it for me but it didn't work out so well, then I remembered there was a Chinese message board here and figured somebody would be able to help translate.

Maybe this CHONGQING MIZHU PLASTIC COMPANY is the company that molds the plastic for the littermaid. This employee must have something to do with boxing the littermaid and somehow his ID badge fell off his shirt and into the box. That's the only thing I can think of... it even had a little picture of the guy in the plastic ID badge sleeve with the ID cards.


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