A big thanks to all those that made this years meetup possible!

Started by Jaedox, July 25, 2012, 09:22:24 PM

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/\ Says it all! /\

I had alot of fun, and met so many great people!

Here is hoping the next year brings even more people to wherever it may be! /cheers


Tirea Aean


"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR

Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì

You're very welcome :) I had a great time planning and attending :)

-Txonä Rolyu

AvatarMeet was fantastic. Thanks to all who attended :D

Avatar Nation Karyu :D

Na'vi Kintrrä #70° :D

Keyeyluke ke tsun livu kea tìnusume

Oeri Uniltìrantokxìl txe'lanit nì'aw takeiuk nì'ul txa' fralo

Fpìl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tìran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Yawey ngahu!
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Kaltxì ma frapo,
all I can say is a big shout: THIS WAS SO AWESOME!  IRAYO!!!

I am still at the hotel (leaving the US tomorrow) and I was just browsing through the pics I have taken... and I wished we would have had some one or two extra days all together, because nìkeftxo I wasn't able to talk to everyone of you - there was just too much to do.

I am looking forward to see you all again next year. Srefereiey nìprrte" ma smuk!
@"Eylan ayfalulukanä: I want to see your zoo in Nevada as well. Maybe next year. :)
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Krro fra'u lasyatem.
Krro a lu pxiye'rìn, pxiswaway, pxiset, set.
Krro lu krrpe? Ke omum nìno, tì'eyngmungwrr a'aw a lu oer.
Krro layu...

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Quote from: Ikxeru on July 26, 2012, 02:21:32 AM

@"Eylan ayfalulukanä: I want to see your zoo in Nevada as well. Maybe next year. :)

That can be arranged!  :)

It would have been good to have spent more time together. But we will always remember the time we were able to spend together. And there is next year to look forward to.

Na'viCon Reno! I can think of crazier ideas! (We also have a lot of natural beauty here, including Lake Tahoe.)

Yawey ngahu!
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hì'ia tuté

I'm hoping next year the Meetup is in Vegas or Phoenix... that would be much easier to get to... especially Phoenix. :D lol... I wouldn't need a hotel if it was in Phoenix or a plane ticket *giggles* ;)

'Oma Tirea

I might not go to the next meetup, but this one was 'o' nìtxan nì'aw!!.  Oeyä irayo goes to:

  • Aketuan sì pa'li lefngap peyä, of which without I would've had to take a plane ticket and missed a lot
  • The planning team for making sure we have a solid meetup, and that no one arrives/departs too early/late
  • Karyu Pawl for the language lesson (as well as his pxesrungsiyu ;))
  • Jon Landau for an interesting talk
  • Payoang and Prrton for their T-shirt and badge designs
  • Most of all, the EMP Museum for hosting all of this, as well as the ~50 people who came to the meetup :D

    Nìrangal tsilvun ziva'u, ma Tirea Aean.  Nga ayoeru lalmu lom nìhawng :'(



Srake serar le'Ìnglìsìa lì'fyayä aylì'ut?  Nari si älofoniru rutxe!!

Tsyalatun te Eyktan Txuratu'itan

It is very sad only that the meetup is now over in such a short time - it was great fun all round.

It is the first time I've cosplayed, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I struggled somewhat to get the wig - ended up with it the day before leaving for Canada, but I'm glad I did.

I hope I can attend next years event (provided there is one), and organise a more complete costume.  Moreover, I hope for body paint that will last a full day without degrading.

So, I would like to extend my personal thanks to:

  • the organisers for this meet
  • the EMP museum for many things, including screening the Extended Collectors Edition version.
  • Karyu Pawl and Jon Landau for their attendance, chance to meet them, and of course their presentations.
  • the hotel for putting up with someone's blue paint in the restaurant.
  • the hotel for providing old sheets/rag for me for paint removal.
  • Candace and Paul for painting the cosplayers.
  • Wade for providing me with a tail, and information on where to get those.

and, of course, it would not have happened without the many wonderful folk who came along to the meetup.

Hayalovay ayoeng ultxa si!

(or should that be Vaykrr hayalo ayoeng ultxa si! - the dictionary lists Hayalovay as a phrase.)

Tirea Aean

Quote from: 'Oma TireaNìrangal tsilvun ziva'u, ma Tirea Aean.  Nga ayoeru lalmu lom nìhawng :'(

Missed you guys too :'(

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Next year, we all need to figure out a way to get Tirea Aean to the meetup....

Maybe we will have to kidn<ei>ap him for the event  ;)

Yawey ngahu!
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Tirea Aean

Quote from: `Eylan Ayfalulukanä on July 27, 2012, 10:37:56 PM
Next year, we all need to figure out a way to get Tirea Aean to the meetup....

Maybe we will have to kidn<ei>ap him for the event  ;)

Do it! ;D


Mikko Wilson
Juneau, Alaska, USA
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DJ Makto

Eaite Randjam

A big thanks to the organizers, the venues, and especially the attendees for being so warm and welcoming!  I know I haven't been active in any of the community websites, but I felt right at home with you guys.  See you again soon!


Yes indeed -- A Masive IRAYO to everyone who made this awesome AvatarMeet possible...the planning committee, the EMP museum, the hotel. Also special Irayo to Jon Landau and Paul Frommer for meeting with us and sharing your time -- so very much appreciated!  :D

Can't wait for the next AvatarMeet!  8)
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Quote from: mikkowilson on July 28, 2012, 04:12:58 PM
* mikkowilson grabs a roll of tape.

- Mikko
After I suggested we needed a pallet full of the stuff...
18:29:55 <mikkowilson> Ok, we've got tape, chloroform and a pallet.
18:30:02 <mikkowilson> Next meetup is going to be awesome.

(And this is why more people should go on the IRC.  :P)

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

I don't think Tirea Aean will mind being kidnapped that much (thus 'kidn<ei>ap'). It will be more about beating back the forces that prevent him from going. So, I will have to have my Tukru/tskxo/ayswizaw with me and have my ikran (or maybe palulukan in my case) in top form....  ;)

Yawey ngahu!
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Human No More

Irayo to everyone, organisers and attendees! Looking forward to next year already :)
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