AvatarMeet 2012 - Day 3 Video - Part 1

Started by Alan, December 24, 2012, 03:41:31 AM

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Kaltxì ma aysmukan sì aysmuke,

With apologies from DJ Makto and I for the delay in getting the rest of the AvatarMeet 2012 videos to you, we give you the next installment!

AvatarMeet 2012 Day 3 - Cosplay Day Part 1

This Video Log covers the morning of Cosplay Day, which was held on the Saturday of the meet up. With a good proportion of the clan painted up we all headed to the EMP Museum to look round the Avatar exhibition before going outside for a photocall. The thing was we ended up becoming our own exhibit as you will see in DJ's video. Here it is. Enjoy in HD too :D  :

AvatarMeet 2012 - Saturday - Part 1


Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì

Txantsan nì'aw ma Alan! Tìmeiyìng nari ulte yìmem mì fìlok oeyä :) Kop tìmeiel ngeyä stxelit fìtrr ulte irayo nìtxan :)

Just fantastic Alan! I just watched it and put it in my blog :) I also just got your present today and thank you very much :)

-Txonä Rolyu

AvatarMeet was fantastic. Thanks to all who attended :D

Avatar Nation Karyu :D

Na'vi Kintrrä #70° :D

Keyeyluke ke tsun livu kea tìnusume

Oeri Uniltìrantokxìl txe'lanit nì'aw takeiuk nì'ul txa' fralo

Fpìl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tìran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi


I cannot take the credit for this edit (Ha!  I'm a poet and I don't know-it!  Hehehe). DJ Makto pulled this one together, but he is mega busy at the moment.  So I post it along with the others.

Glad it arrived ok ma tsmukan.  You are most welcome ma 'eylan.

Eywa ngahu,



Irayo once again, Alan, for posting the video!
So much fun to watch!  :D
Your love shines the way into paradise.
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Tse'a ngal ke'ut a krr fra'uti kame.


Irayo ma aysmuk.  :D  Glad they bring a little bit ofthe meet up to the rest of the clan.