AvatarMeet 2012 - Meet The Producer Video

Started by Alan, November 09, 2012, 02:00:18 PM

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Kaltxì ma eylan,  :D

Well, at long last we are now able to bring you the hour long special of the Meet The Producer event from AvatarMeet 2012!!!

This event took place on the Friday evening of the meet up at the EMP museum.  After an initial introduction by Brooks Peck the floor was handed over to Jon Landau who gave an informative and entertaining talk about what it took to make Avatar.  This was followed by a question and answers session before everyone got to meet him in person.  To round the event off, there was a clan viewing of Avatar CE for which Lightstorm Entertainment provided drinks and popcorn for everyone.  As Jon Landau said "What's the movies without popcorn!"

The AvatarMeet 2012 organising team would like to give a most grateful IRAYO to Jon Landau and Kathy Franklin (President, Franchise Development) for taking their valuable time to come and share their experiences with all of us.  We would also like to give a massive IRAYO to Brooks Peck and Josh Bang, as well as all of the staff at the EMP Museum, for making us so welcome over the weekend and providing facilities for us.

So if you are sitting comfortably get ready to enjoy 'Meet the Producer', which is available in full HD:

AvatarMeet 2012 - Meet The Producer Video Special

Eywa ngahu,


`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Kosman nang nang nang nang!!

For those of you that couldn't be there, this was a fantastic event. Thankfully, now everyone can enjoy this wonderful presentation, or relive the experience. Make sure to follow it up with a screening of 'Avatar'!

Yawey ngahu!
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Irayo again, Alan, for posting this video...and for all the work you did helping to put it together!

So great to watch and relive that event! It was awesome to be there, to get to meet Jon Landau in person and hear him speak. And the viewing of Avatar with the whole group was the icing on the cake!  :D

Yes indeed -- Irayo to Jon Landau, Kathy Franklin, and everyone at the EMP museum!
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Srane ma Alan  ;)

It is a very interesting and important contribution - irayo, irayo, irayo  :D :D :D

"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR


Irayo ma eylan :).  I cannot take all the credit though.  DJ Makto was the other camera operator for the close ups and also Aaron from ToS lent me his superb pro tripod that kept my camera rock solid on the long zoom in and pans.

I'm just grateful that we were allowed to video the event, which Mikko got sorted for us, so we could share it with everyone.