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Blue Elf's contest entry
« on: January 01, 2015, 12:55:02 pm »
Although you can read it on Naviteri, I want to post it here too with translation for learning purposes. Maybe someone find it useful.

Tsìnga zìsìtkam tsole’a oel relit arusikx a ro’a oer nìtxan. Tsal nìngay takuk oeti ne txe’lan. Vurìl sla’tsu kosmana kifkeyt a mì tukxa tseng a sanhìmìkam sì syay tutanä alu tawtute a slu hapxì tsakifkeyä.

Tsarel arusikx lamu Uniltìrantokx, kezemplltxe. Solunu oer lì’fya a fko plltxe tsafa mì rel arusikx, ha lolu oer säfpìl a ftia fìlì’fyati ulte new ivomum nì’ul. Krra tätxaw oe ne kelku, fwew aysäomumit a teri fìrel. Tsafya rolun oel tìpängkxotsengit alu Learn Na’vi ulte slu hapxìtu tseyä.

Pxaya tutel anawm tok tsatsenget ulte tìnusumeri srung soli oer nìtxan krra lolu oe zìma’uyu. Set oe nìteng tsun srung sivi aysngä’iyur alahe. Keng lolu oer skxom a frrfen ultxati eylanä Uniltìrantokxä a Perlinmì ulte ultxa si hu awngeyä nawma karyu Pawl. Furia tìleno asteng tsunslu, ke srefoley oe kaw’it.

Plltxe Pawl san fìtìpängkxotsengìri mipa sì’eylanit fkol ngop fìtsenge sìk. Tsun oe mivllte, rolun oel eylanot nìteng.

Srake tsun aynga pivlltxe nìteng fayluta relìl arusikx leykatem tìreyt oeyä?

Four years before I've seen movie which impressed me very much. It really stroke me into heart. Story describes wonderful world in deep space and fate of the man from the Earth who became part of that world.

No need to say, that movie was Avatar. Language, which was spoken in the movie was pleasing to me, so I got idea to study this language and wanted to know more (about movie and language). When I returned home, I started to search for information about the movie. This way I found Learn Na'vi forum and became its member.

Many great people were here and they helped me in learning a lot, when I was beginner. Now I can to help to the other beginners too. Even I had opportunity to visit Avatar meeting in Berlin and meet our great teacher Paul. I didn't expected that something like this is possible at all.

Paul says - On this forum new friendships are made, and I can agree. I found some friends here too.

San you too say that movie changed your life?

Edit: removed one typo and fixed one error related to my favorite lenition + attribution (marked red)
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Oe lu skxawng skxakep. Slä oe nerume mi.
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Re: Blue Elf's contest entry
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2015, 05:02:12 pm »
Seykxel sì nitram, ma Blue Friend ;)

What I liked most about your entry was the focus on the language learning experience and the kindness of the community. The fact that you learned the language together with others and have now become someone who helps others yourself ;) I liked that a lot. As I said before, it’s something that was apparent through out all the entries. :)


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