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Wllìm's entry
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:25:03 pm »
WOEIU! I'm completely amazed, excited and honoured that I got the first place! :D :D :D

My submission

Lì'fyari leNa'vi nume oe 'awa zìsìto set. Tafral oe lu numeyu nìyol nì'aw to pxaya numeyu alahe. Kop ke tamängok oel tìsngä'iti lì'fyayä, krra fkol ke omum ke'uti a lì'fyateri, mungwrr aysäomum a fkol rolun srungluke.
Tse, pelun sunu oeru fìlì'fya? Lun atxin lu fwa suru oeru ayfam lì'fyayä. Fwa oeyktìng ke lu ftue; ngian fpìl oel futa pam lu kewong, slä kop smon. Kop fpìl oel futa pam pxaya lì'uä rì'ìr si ralur. Oeri, pamìl fìlì'uä alu pìwopx vll kouma 'onit pìwopxä. (Ulte sunu oer fwa rì'ìr säpi fìlì'u alu rì'ìr!) Nìsyen oe new livawk soaiat aynumeyuä lì'fyayä. Tìnusume lu 'o' nìlkeftang, taweyka franumeyu lu tstunwi nìtxan, ulte 'eyng fratìpawm a lì'fyateri.
Fìvur lìmu oeyä lun a ftia lì'fyati leNa'vi, ulte sìlpey oe tsnì 'ìyevong Na'vi tì'i'avay krrä!

English translation

Concerning the Na'vi language, I have learned now for a year. Therefore I have been a learner only shorter than many other learners. Furthermore I unfortunately was not present at the beginning of the language, when nothing was known about the language, except the information discovered without help.

Well, why do I like this language? The main reason is that the sounds of the language please me. It is difficult to explain; however I think that the sound is strange, but it is also familiar. Also I think that the sound of many words reflects the meaning. For me, the sound of this word, pìwopx, points to the round shape of a cloud. (And I like that this word, rì'ìr, mirrors itself!) Finally I want to discuss the family of learners of the language. Learning is fun continuously, because all learners are very kind, and answer all questions about the language.

This story was my reason to study the Na'vi language, and I hope that Na'vi will bloom for a long time!

Audio recording

Purely for fun I created the following recording today of my submission: see here. Please don't expect too much of it :) Also, I have to admit I couldn't manage to do it in one take without errors, so I did the three paragraphs separately and put them together afterwards ;)

Again, thanks to everyone who made this contest possible :D
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Seykxel sì nitram! Ngal rolun fì'upxaret aketsuktse'a! :D

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Re: Wllìm's entry
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2015, 01:44:03 pm »
Seykxel sì nitram, ma Wllìm!

Wou, with audio file! :D Irayo!

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Re: Wllìm's entry
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2015, 02:07:13 pm »
Kosman ulte Seykxel sì Nitram, ma Wllìm!
You’ve earned it! :D

I liked your submission sooo much. I was so impressed by your skill of the language after studying it for one year and I think that’s what the other jurors found fantastic as well.

You concentrated on the sounds, words and learning experience of the language and showed beautifully what it means personally for you. Also, the focus on the learning experience within the lì’fyaolo’. It’s a great example of how accepting, friendly and forthcoming our community is and I think you captured that from a first-hand learner’s perspective! It shows how far you can come within only one year of learning the language! Yeio’!

The audio is wonderful!
I don’t hear that it was done in 3 parts. As long as it is a nice listening experience, you cannot argue ;)
I’m almost positive that Paul would like to hear that too. :)

Your pronunciation is very good! The only thing I notices is that your normal r’s are not flapped (whereas your rr is flawless :D)

Concerning the little ‘mistake’ … well, technically we don’t know whether this is a mistake or not because we still don’t know the transitivity of ’eyng yet :P So no harm done there. From the examples we have so far, I expect it to be vin., though.

Another ‘gap’, if you will, is the difference between “that the sound is strange, but it is also familiar.” I half expected another oer after smon because otherwise, the verb just ‘floats’ there and at first reading I wasn’t sure whether you thought you used it as another adjective. Just for your consideration ;)

Tsalsungay, txantsan, ma tsmukan!

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Re: Wllìm's entry
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2015, 04:10:31 pm »
Seykxel sì nitram, ma Wllìm!
Nga lu tsultätu amip - pum akoak zene tivìng tseng ;D
A few years ago (well, maybe it is more than a few years :)) there was another learner, working hard for only one year, who wanted to show how good it is. He also wrote some text and send it to contest. Now that man gives sceptre to you ;D
This shows, that Na'vi is not too difficult and one can learn it in one year or less on solid level - it is repeated experience. I hope more contests take place in the future and we'll see more good texts, it really isn't hard!
Until then - enjoy your reign and govern fair!  ;D :D
BTW, audio recording is not bad idea. Maybe I'll try to create my part too
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