Started by Eltu Lefngap Makto, February 02, 2011, 03:46:12 AM

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Eltu Lefngap Makto

Yehotsafatx poltxe Olo'eyktan Yisraelur san nga lu tengfya oe lu. Olo' ngeyä lu tengfya olo' oeyä lu.  Fa'li ngayä lu tengfya fa'li oeyä lu sìk.

Jehoshaphat said to the King of Israel, "As you are, I am.  As your clan is, my clan is.  As your horse are, my horses are."

I think the tengfya construction is what I want.  There's not much more about it than this http://forum.learnnavi.org/language-updates/sieyng-a-ftu-naring-11-%28ni%29tengfya-genders-modals-and-infixes/
Is this how it is used?
'Ivong, Na'vi!

Sireayä mokri

I believe it would work fine here. There are however some mistakes: it should be "poltxe Olo'eyktanur Yisraelä" and "fa'li ngeyä".
When the mirror speaks, the reflection lies.

Eltu Lefngap Makto

'Ivong, Na'vi!