What is -’o?

Started by Plumps, April 01, 2011, 02:47:06 PM

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I was wondering... We have now a few examples of nouns in -'o
(although, I'm not sure we can count this to the same class)

Could we define this a bit more? Is there a kind of pattern?

omängum fra'uti

Whatever it is, it is very weak, and drops off at the slightest hint of any affix or derivation.
Ftxey lu nga tokx ftxey lu nga tirea? Lu oe tìkeftxo.
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Tswusayona Tsamsiyu

well, we have the prefixes "sä" and "fya" which mean "an instrument/tool" and "a way". perhaps the "'o" is just a simple thing you add to make them nouns. about the others I don't know. :-\
Nivume Na'vit, fpivìl nìNa'vi, kivame na Na'vi.....
oer fko syaw tswusayona tsamsiyu