Started by JakeSully1981, April 23, 2011, 02:16:49 PM

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My fave anime movie since i was 14 about 16 years ago when i rented it on video thanks to reading stuff about it in Wizard magazine and other magazines, hearing great things about it and that kind of thing as i knew i have to see it. It blew me away, left an impression on me and i bought it on video after Christmas day and added it to my movie collection. I had some of the merchandise as well as a teen back then and still have them as collector's sets and had the Laserdisc for my 15th birthday which i still own as a collector's item and i own the 2-Disc new dub DVD and Blu-Ray as well.


Akira is definitely a classic. I own the new dub on DVD, which is far better than the orginal one. The animation is wonderful and the story left me thinking for a long time afterward. It is definitely a must for anyone that calls themselves an anime fan.

20th Century Fox is planning on making a live action movie based upon it, but I will not be seeing it since none of the actors are Asian (it takes place in New York) and it is supposed to be rated PG-13. I think that that is an insult to the masterpiece of the original story. Whitewashing a property that takes place in Asia never works (Dragonball: Evolution and The Last Airbender being the most obvious examples).

May the odds be ever in your favor.