Blue people of Pal Ul Don

Started by Redpaintednavi, September 25, 2010, 03:13:30 PM

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In the old Tarzan comics there was a hidden land where strange creatures from the Earths past lived together with stone age peoples and others. Among the peoples who lived there were also a blue people with tails:

From a French book about Pal Ul Don:

From a Tarzan series of the 1970:s:


I'm not really certain of who they remind me... ??? ;D

Txo tìnusìnìl eo nga txopu seyki ngati
Ulte tìnusìn uo nga tìsraw seyki
Nìn nìhay ngati
Taweyk oel tayok tsatseng fpi nga.

:Perdozimat Tízavani widahan droh perdozan. Zihe nas perdozan fate Click;3


Quote from: 'Awpo on December 01, 2010, 03:00:14 PM
I'm not really certain of who they remind me... ??? ;D

Yes, one can wonder. They are blue, they have a sort of stone age technology society and they live in a land of amazing beauty and ancient beasts.