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"peu to fwa tskxefa ayuti ska'a lu sìltsan? Tskxe a kllkxem ulte fpi nga ayuti ska'a.
—Toggo, goblin weaponsmith


SSJ2 Gohan vs Bojack

That, ma oeayä eylan, is a textbook example of a Curb Stomp Battle.

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The ultimate power is found in the incorruptible light hidden deep in the darkness. You must delve into the darkest part of your heart and find that light. Once you do, never let go of it. Remember: Your heart is the greatest weapon of all.


My favorite ep. is when Goku uses the Spirit Bomb to destroy Android(cant remember which one)
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Aytanin Marali

I know this is an old topic, but I have to ask, have any of you seen youtube's Team Four Star's DBZ Abridged?  Hysterical!  If DBZ was like this, I wouldn't be embarrassed to be a fan!  DBZ is so horrible it's awesome.  It's all about Vegeta.  *Abridged moment( Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?  Vegeta:  It's 1,009, kick his a** Nappa.  *Nappa gets owned*  Oh sorry, I had the scouter upside down.  It's over 9,ooo.  Gr.  *calmly breaks scouter*  Nappa:  Why are you so unconcerned?!  Vegeta:  Oh right!  That's a problem for you isn't it.  Still not a problem for me.

It's all about Vegeta.  He's super hot and awesome.  Except when he starts turning good.  Now he's not as cool anymore. 
Went learnnavi.org.  Clicked on vocabulary.  Typed moron in search box to learn how to spell skxawng.  Found two Na'vi words for moron.  Life complete.  ;D


Srane, ma tutan, sunu oer Rum Träkon(ä) (Dragon?) Z!

My favorite moment is definitely Vegeta's Final Flash (Atan aSyen?) against Cell. The buildup and the sheer massiveness of the attack was just awesome. Ramo´a!
Tsaria ngal tìtxurit angay tirea tsìye'a, srake nga lu alaksi?


This was always a fun show to watch. It's very slow, but I fun to watch. Chubby Buu and Krillen are my favorites.

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