Fruits Basket

Started by Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato), November 10, 2010, 10:46:42 PM

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Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato)

Hmm, well, this is one of my favorite Mangas, and wondering if anyone out there likes it as well ^_^

And, if you do not know about it, well, its not about fruits hrh  :D Here is a bit of info from Wiki:


Looks cute, but naw I don't know it :P
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Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato)

I thougth the Chinese Zodiac didn't have a cow, more of an Ox. :o

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A lot of my friends read this in middle/high school.  One of them said they found the main character unrealistic because of her lack of flaws, or lack of flaws that actually matter.  All I could think about was the logistics of obtaining all twenty or so (?) volumes, though I hear there are scanlations in some shady corner of the internet.
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Seykxetskxe te Vawm 'Ewan'ite (Kalin Kato)

O.o ...its a fictional story, it will be unrealistic. And 23 volumes, very good, for me and friends. And hmm, there might be. IDk how it would add to the series though, I'm curious now..