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Kame-sama Hajimemashita


Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
Just started watching this new anime. i'll give my opinion on each episode as I watch it.

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
the first two episodes have been watched.
it's a little...not confusing, but hard to connect with. with other animes it's usually an immediate connection to the story and the characters, but it's a lot more difficult with this anime. which isn't bad. but it isn't good either.
there are definitely funny moments and the curiosity as to what will happen next is a constant, however, I think they rely too heavily on the fact that it's a good graphic anime with good visual effects rather than relying the the material of the anime itself such as the plot line and events and characters.

more later.


Probably Kami-sama hajimemashita ;)

Tstewa Ikrantsyìp:
watching the next two episodes later today when I have time. :)


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