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Mathematical software of choice? (Archived)

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DJ Makto:
Going to post this to breath some life into the Math forum.

I am a former STATA user turned R-project aka R convert. ;D

[x] Other: Scilab

We used Matlab here at university but the license authentication stuff is crap. I need either a working WPN tunnel everytime I want to use it or refresh the license every 30 days (which didn't work on my last attempt). Therefore I switched to the open source Scilab which is mostly compatible to Matlab (at least the base feature set).

Swoka Ikran:
None now.

I messed around with matlab once when I was bored once though, and used Microsoft Math for calculus class (easy way to find integrals...)

'Oma Tirea:

WIN+++ ;D

Swoka Ikran:

--- Quote from: Sxkxawng alu 'Oma Tirea on February 18, 2011, 11:58:13 pm ---

WIN+++ ;D

--- End quote ---
Ah, yes.

My friend showed me that last semester. We used it to check a few calculus problems we had for extra credit. Thing's amazing :D


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