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POLL: Mathematics and Statistics Users (Archived)

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Much like the Science Board (just as Nyx notified me), the Mathematics board seldom sees any activity. Therefore, I am curious to see how many people visit here and frequently they do.

Please make your selection truthfully, as it may be used to decide the future of this board.

Please also post comments and suggestions as to how to increase the popularity of this board.

Ps. I understand that all of you are not online every single day, neither am I myself. I am only active during weekends and school holidays.

'Oma Tirea:
Anytime I enter LN Forums ;D

Maybe I could co-mod with you, since I had the idea, but never bothered to get it out :P ...

I sincerely thank you for the offer but I don't think that one is needed (this board is not very active). If a situation arises and a Co-Mod is needed, I will definately recommend you.

I had previously asked Payoang, but never got a response.

At least I know that this board has more than one dedicated user ;)

'Oma Tirea:
Tam ;D

One question:

How can someone never be here and take part at the poll ?  ::)


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