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Eana Unil's General Art-Attempt-Attacks

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Great! Just great!
Oe sunu fìrel! :D

Eana Unil:
Irayo nìtxan, ma meylan  :D

Need to continue working on this, but there are still commissions waiting... ugh... Why does a day only got 24 hours ;D

Adorable drawing! :D
+1 ;)

Blue Elf:

--- Quote from: Eana Unil on June 28, 2013, 08:33:07 pm ---Hope I'll get it done before the deadline is here (July 31st). Cross your fingers for me, please! ;D I just need to win.. T____T

--- End quote ---
fyep mezekwäti oeyä :)
Even if you do not win in real, you win in our eyes! I wish you luck!

--- Quote ---Why does a day only got 24 hours
--- End quote ---
well, 24 hrs is sometimes not enough, sometimes too much (in office, even 8 hrs is more than one can accept ;D)

Eana Unil:
Well... 1 day before the deadline is here I've finished my contest entry image and also already have added it to the contest collection.

I'm not totally happy with it, but I pray that it is good enough to have at least the chance to win one of three Cintiqs.

Here's the image (big file):
And here the link to my contest entry:

Please cross your fingers (again/still) ;D


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