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Eana Unil:
Kaltxì seiyi ayngar oe :)

I know that I already opened 2 other threads, which contain some of my art (my general Avatar fanart and my Avatar Webcomic), but since I'm a very creative individual and doing not only Avatar-related stuff, I felt like I could open another thread for my general art I'm doing now and then, especially since I've started to "seriously" sculpting some stuff. Because, you know, sharing some of my paintings felt kinda uninteresting even to me, but since I've started to sculpt with Polymer clay and doing imo somewhat huge progress in sculpting, and because I'm planning to create an Avatar BJD of my OC Mäungea sometime in the future, I felt the need to open this topic here. So yeah. Here we are now :)

I sculpted other stuff before, but I never used a Polymer clay for it ever before. Instead I used air-drying paper-clay and was never really satisfied with how it felt and its quality and workability, so I decided to drop this clay and give a good Polymer clay a try. Some days ago I finally got my new clay, Super Sculpey Firm and instantly started sculpting my first sculpture with it. Not only because I wanted to do this sculpture for a long time now, but also because I need to "get to know" this kind of clay and feel comfortable with it, especially when I want to sculpt a very neat and smooth and detailed BJD or two. ^^

So yeah, here I want to share the progress of it with you all :)

The reference is a so called "Sprite Darter", a small and terribly colorful dragonkin from the MMORPG World of Warcraft:
And this is the sculpting-progress so far (ignore the mess on my desk, it's creative chaos ;D):

SpoilerI started with a wire armature, wrapped it with a more or less thin coat of clay and baked it to get a good and stable base for further building-up. My boyfriend called this stage a "deformed, underweight sting-rat on a skewer" ;D

Added more clay, tried to give it more body volume and shape, put in the pre-made and baked eyes and framed them with more clay to get a more lizard-ish face, added the first spikes on the back, clipped of the wire for the hind legs, because it didn't seem to fit anatomically.

Finished the face so far, added one more spike and the first scales. Baked it afterwards, created some claws (16 claws to be exact), baked them too, sculpted the hind feet and put the baked claws into them, to keep their shape and stuff.

Sculpted the hind legs/feet and attached them to the body, added some more scales and clipped off the wire for the front legs, too, because of the same reason. Added the tail tip :D and sculpted the front feet the same way I sculpted the hind feet, baked it.

Now the latest progress (please note the uber fancy and pwetty mug in the background ;D); clipped off the "ears" because they hadn't have the right basic shape for what I had in mind, so I sculpted new "ears" (or whatever they are) and attached them to the head. Added even more scales and spikes, attached "arms" to the front feet to build them up later. Baked it another time.

More progress will follow as soon as I get to continue to work on this one, which will be soon, hopefully :) It's soooo much fun to work with this clay and to sculpt in general... holding a chunk of clay in your hand and creating something more or less pretty out of it is just an awesome feeling and experince. You should try it, too ;D
Sculpting the wings will be HORROR, though, I'm afraid  D:  ;)

Hope you like it so far :) To be continued... ^^

Kaltxì ma Eana Unil

Woohhaaa! Greaaat! The dragon looks very good!
And nice chaos (I have the same chaos on my desk  :-[ :P)

I'm very excited, how it will look finished!

 - ta Tìtstewan

Blue Elf:
Great! When I saw the first picture, I asked myself, well what she is trying to do? But following pictures showed that work goes well and result on the last picture is just fantastic!
Real small dragon. You are great artist.

Eana Unil:
Well... The dragon I posted about here in this thread is still alive, but still unfinished... Will continue to work on it some time soon, but there are some projects which need my whole attention first, such as Layon Yayo, commissions and a self-portrait-illustration I just need to create in order to have the chance to win a Wacom Cintiq graphic tablet... T___T :D

This picture is still in the making, but I'm pretty sure it will turn out well. I hate drawing myself, but art has mercy and so one can alter his self-portrait a bit in order to make himself look a bit better, hrh.

Hope I'll get it done before the deadline is here (July 31st). Cross your fingers for me, please! ;D I just need to win.. T____T

*fingers crossed*

That looks just amazing! :o

Whoa  ;D


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