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Hi :)

Here share your best photos!  Can be of anything but it has to be take by you, unless you're in the photo :)

I'll start us off :)

Taken at my school - It was IT and the rest of my project group where in France so miss sent me out with a camera and I took this :)

Took this about half an hour ago... no reason :3

At Whitby and I saw this and I was like THAT PHOTO BE MIIINE!

Anyway's I want to see your photos!

You can see that I like skies with special looks. ;)

But not only.

:o yours are great! I love the third one!

Thank you.
Unfortunately I can't produce them anymore because I moved away from the place where I was able to take this kind of photos.
When I have time I'll check my photos. There must be more good ones.

Hmm... *looks through photography folder*... I do see some good one's but I really can't be bothered atm... sometime tomorrow it is :P


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