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Kaltxì, and welcome to the new art board. :) This is a place to show off any of your non-Avatar-related art, so show us all what you've accomplished!!

To place an image in a post, copy the URL and put it between [img][/img] tags. You can just highlight the URL and click the button.

If you have a bunch of images you'd like to share, you can place them in a Spoiler if you'd like so that they don't fill up someone's screen every time they view the first page of your thread. You can use [spoiler][/spoiler] tags, or click the button.

If you have Avatar art you'd like to share, please share it here.

All forum rules apply to this board, only PG-13 art here, rutxe. Let's keep it friendly to all audiences!

Irayo nìli!

Txantslusam Skxawng:
And what about a topic in here about art made at school? I think most of us have had some art classes and made some stuff at school.... I got a few things I can show in the morning when I get up again.... But everyone else can post something in there too.

I'll wait for a reply on this first  ;)

Sounds like a nice thread idea, I don't really have anything to contribute but I'm guessing others would. :D

Stick Figures.. I see potential there  8)

'Oma Tirea:
Something to think about: attachments.  We probably don't want to overload the server's storage with oodles of attached art....


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