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Hi Na'vi speakers,

first of all, I really appreciate the hard work you're putting into learning a new language. I've studied a few myself, also small ones where it can be challenging to find fellow speakers.

I am a Master's student at the University of Amsterdam and I am researching the aesthetic effect of languages we don't understand. My case-study will be several constructed languages, mostly popular ones and I will conduct interview with participants to gain an understanding of how they listen to languages they don't understand and which words they would use to describe these languages. Eventually, it all comes down to an aesthetic dimension of languages.

Are one or two of you able to provide me with a short recording, 4 minutes, of Na'vi. Could be you reciting a small text (I think the one that is translated into most constructed languages is the Babel one) or/and attempt to speak freely. Would be nice to have one audio file of a text and one of free speech. Participants in my study will be asked to listen to the recording you provided and then discuss with me what the language sounds like to them.

Anyone interested? As I told you, I really appreciate your hard work and I am trying really hard to be able to pay you for this but life is tough in Academia (especially the humanities)... but I am honestly trying and will make sure you receive a little gift!  :)) We could also meet up and chat if you're based in the Netherlands or Germany (Cologne/Dusseldorf area).

Message me or send an e-mail at [email protected] if you have any further questions! Would also be interested in generally discussing my research topic with you!

Kaltxì! If you are wanting to hear people's opinion of how the language sounds, to those that have never heard it, maybe you also want to read about the creation of the language. James Cameron wanted it to have a certain sound, and the language to be unlike any other in big similarity. Paul Frommer gave James 3 choices for a kind of language iirc.

interesting, thanks! any specific books/articles you could recommend?

Na'vi phonetics are of course somehow based on natural languages, after all humans have to be able to produce them.. however, the combination is unique so would be interesting to see what languages speakers of different languages associate na'vi with when listening to it. what is the first language that comes to mind?  :)

Eana Unil:
Unfortunately I don't live in NRW anymore, but here are some members who do, also in Germany/the Netherlands in general.
There are also some older and newer videos on YouTube, for example: https://forum.learnnavi.org/podcasts-radio/short-yt-video/msg649860/
We have currently two weekly voicechat groups where we learn together and profit from the knowledge of those who know more than many of us. I'm sure you're welcome to join and listen/chat, next meeting (German study group) is tomorrow evening! :)

Na'viteri is one of our main source for Na'vi.
In this topic, you can download an offline copy that contain all audio files created by Paul Prommer and some members (like Tirea Aean).
One of interesting audio file for you maybe could be Tìng mikyun! Listen!. Of course, there are more audio materials on Na'viteri, but not limited to that place. Here on this forum are various members who have created audio materials, too.


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