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Tsamsiyu Atsteu:
here we go!

Something more than a couple words this time.

I tried to say:

Kaltxi ma frapo.
Oel ngati kameie.
Ma eylan, ngari fra'u oeru lam.
Irayo fpi oe yawne leru ulte nga
oeru yawne lu.
pom ulte tÏtxur ngahu tsengpe nga kä.
keivame, ulte eywa ngahu ma eylan.

I'm shy so I wasn't so loud lol

Please tell me how badly I butchered Na'vi and how I can get better :)

Probably need it up on Youtube for those who refuse to Facebook.

Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
I agree, cause all people who are not in your Facebook friends won't be able to watch them otherwise. :)

Yeah, I have facebook but this is what I get: This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

There should be a link at the bottom of your video page that can give us a direct access link to the video that doesn't require us all to be your friends on Facebook.

Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
(Sorry for the kind of necroposting, but I think I'd be nice to get that topic up, since no one has really answered it yet :))

Well, I'm not an expert, but according to what I know and what I've learnt from comments about my own pronunciation, here are the mistakes that I would see. Just be aware that my comments are maybe not all perfectly accurate (hopefully some knowing guys will correct or complete what I said). :)

· You have to roll the 'r'. I know it's not easy for everyone, but all Na'vi 'r's are this way, plus it's essential that you know the technique since it's going to allow you making a beautiful 'rr'.
· In kaltxì, 'tx' (just like 'px' and 'kx') has to be ejected, which means that we have to hear a 'pop' when you do it. However, you got that sound well in tìtxur.
· Maybe you should speak all syllables more clearly. :) For example in oel (in this case, it should sound like 'wel' I think) and ngati.
· In fra'u, the ' is called a glottal stop. Like the name says it, you really have to block any sound, and normally we should be able to hear it. I personally find it's the most difficult pronunciation element of the language, but it's important!
· You pronounced fpi kind of like 'fe-pi', but there is no 'e' in there. :)
· Ulte should sound like 'ulté' (with the French accent aigu) instead of 'ulti'.
· In tìtxur, we don't hear your 'ì' and the 'u' should be pronounced like in 'you'.
· The 'ts' in tsengpe should be clearly said (now I can only hear an 's'), and same with nga kä.

Sorry if this sounds harsh. I've also had a lot of improvements to do on my own pronunciation - just remember that it's a necessary step to perfection. In any case, it's very nice that you've made the attempt. :D


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