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Noticed google in the last year has updated its translator system dramatically. such an amazing improvement. i love playing with the new langauge audio playback of what you have written, between english and others. With really good professional voice recording from real people speaking the words and phrases and sliced together BRILLIANTLY rather that the creepy computer chat bots. 

I played with some syllibles to try and get the english audio pronounciation to say the following phrase of the Na'vi language which is one of the songs from the native na'vi tribes, the Tree song (Funeral song).   

  :)  "We are all seeds of the great tree, whose strength is in our legs"   :)

copy and past the following to get the english audio to say it. 

   :)   ootraall'eair a naawm. ay reenaa'l oo ayoheng. a peh yea tih toor mi heenaam aawng eh yeah.    :)

 Not bad, not great obviously but I thought it was mostly accurate. No native accent, just english phonetics but still.

play around with syllibles to see if you can get it more accurate or to say something else na'vi.



the french can also almost say the na'vi phrase (which is added automatically in the other langauge box of the right, when choosing english to french) but be warned not all the other languages can say it.  I havn't tried the others yet.

Also some do not have audio, others have poor creepy computer voice. eeewww.  Someone should add na'vi to google translator, that would be cool.


Tirea Aean:
hey I like this tread! This could be really fun!

I have thought of this before. Happy to see it has become a thread. Let me try one..

(also, I'm on translate.google.com instead of .co.uk, idk if there are differences)

kahl tim ma. ay laan. weh roo seeyaw fffko tee reh aa aa eh aan

Hello my friend. I am called Spirit Blue.

(that last eh should rhyme with meh but the translate.Google.com woman says it more like such that it rhymes with hey. I can not figure out a way to make her say "eh" so that it rhymes with meh without putting an extra consonant there. also the r is too US English and not flapped. oh and the t in kaltxì is not ejected, but there are no such sounds in English so that's to be expected. oh well. xD)

edit: tried my sentence here with translate.google.co.uk and it is different. it's not right xD.

Nice idea. :)

'Oma Tirea:
I can only imagine what Na'vi nì'Ìnglìsì will sound like... *shudders*

Sran, could use some Na'vi speakers who know what they're doing ;)


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