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Pronuncation Guide #1

SpoilerThe first guide I'm going to have here is a guide on general trouble spots people might have with the Na'vi phonetics.

This guide will walk you through:

* The vowels: a ä e i ì o u
* Diphthongs: ay ey aw ew
* Pseudovowels: ll rr
* Glottal Stop
* Ejectives: kx, tx, px
* Other Consonants: k p t r ts ng
This guide is based off of this guide written by tsrräfkxätu.
I also recommend you check out this IPA guide: http://www.yorku.ca/earmstro/ipa/index.html
Pronuncation Guide #2

SpoilerI was asked to throw up a conversation in Na'vi and decided to take it one step further than that. I made a full fledged pronunciation guide for the following conversation:

Hello brother.
Hello, I see you.
Are you well?
I am well, thanks, and you are well?
I am not very well.
Oh! Eywa be with you, see you soon.
See you soon brother.

Na'vi translation:

Kaltxì ma tsmukan, oel ngati kameie.
Hello [vocative] brother, I-ERG you-ACC see(spiritually)-LAUD.
Hello brother, I see you (spiritually)

Kaltxì, tsun oe ngahu pivängkxo a fì'u oeru prrte’ lu.
Hello, able to I be-with chat that this thing I-DAT pleasure be.
Hello, it is a pleasure to be able to chat with you.

Ngaru lu fpom srak?
You-DAT be wellbeing yes/no?
Are you well?

Oeru lu fpom, irayo, ulte ngaru lu fpom srak?
I-DAT be wellbeing, thanks, and you-DAT be wellbeing yes/no?
I am well, thanks, and you are well?

Oeru ke lu nìtxan fpom.
I-DAT not be much wellbeing.
I am not very well.

Nang! Eywa ngahu, kìyevame.
[Exclamation of surprise] Eywa you-with, see(you)-IMMEDIATE FUTURE
Oh! Eywa be with you, see you soon.

Kìyevame ma tsmukan.
See you-IMMEDIATE FUTURE [vocative] brother.
See you soon brother.

UPDATE: I updated the guide, a little fixing some minor errors and improving my pronunciation a bit in places.
Pronuncation Guide #3

SpoilerSo, finally got another guide out. Sorry for the long delay, I kept getting busy with one thing after another. Hopefully though I can update these a little more regularly now. This guide follows the first few lines from the "getting to know you" section of Dr. Frommer's [url address=www.naviteri.org]Na'vi Teri blog.[/url]
I'll probably make more of these soon. Also, as always, please point out any mistakes in my guide (I'm sure there's plenty) and I will fix them.

Cool!  Great content and presentation.

Added to the Pronunciation Guidance wiki page.

  - Eri

This is so helpful it almost feels like cheating! Thank you so much!

damn... as i was getting pretty excited that I was finally getting somewhere with pronunciation, then seen this...ehhh, one hell of a long way before me :-X

anyway, awesome job. it's incredible how well it all sounds when you speak it, and it will be great help to anyone learning nìNa'Vi.

Irayo, ma tsmukan. Eywa ngahu

Very funny!

Irayo matsukan!


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