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--- Quote from: Blue Elf on August 09, 2013, 04:36:36 pm ---Nìngay solunu oer nìtxan fwa yune mokrit ngeyä a inan wayit alu Way ikranä.
Really it reminded me "A bit of poetry", which was broadcasted many years ago in the TV. When hearing voice, it clearly shows how well is that poem written and how nice it rhymes. Karma for this poem!

Also second recording is great to hear, your voice is really pleasant. What is interesting, you always pronounce oer as oeru (not a mistake, but if you follow text together with voice, you see it very clearly).
Simply very good job, both of them.
--- End quote ---

Mesäplltxeviri irayo seiyi ngaru!

The oer vs. oeru was a spontaneous decision :P I had it as oer in previous recordings but noticed when I listened to it that it got blurred because I pronounced it too quickly. So I wanted to be on the safe side and simply said oeru to distinguish it better. I just thought it would be similar to writing fewtusok or säpoli but pronouncing them fewtsok and spoli. But if it’s distracting while reading along I can easily change that in the text … ;)

Blue Elf:
Not distracting, just surprising. ;)

Suteo new yivune aylì’ut apawnlltxe nì’ul. :D
Oel syìlmep mokrit oeyä, tengkrr perlltxe hì’ia wayti apawnlltxe alu Tsyeym.

          Tìng Mikyun

Ayngaru prrte’ lìyevu. ;)

SpoilerPeople wanted to listen to more spoken words. :D
I’ve just recorded my voice, while speaking the little poem “Treasure”


Blue Elf:
Nìngay fìway apawnlltxe prrte' lolu oer.
Nice recording and pleasant voice!

Ngeyä aylì’uri atstunwi irayo nìtxan ma Blue Elf ;)

SpoilerThank you very much for your kind words, B.E.


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