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Way Ikranä – pawnlltxea way

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Kam krro oel fìwayti li wolìntxu ayngar pìlokmì oeyä. Lolu txankrr oer säfpìl a fì’uri rol lawrhu a lu oer mì ronsem slä set spaw oe, tsaw kop zo fa way a plltxe. Fìbooti oel sìlmung mì famrel pìlokä – ke omum oel teyngta pefya fì’ut sung fìtseng, ha fìtseng lu fya’o ne fìboo:

A while back I published this poem on my blog. For a long time I had the idea to sing it to a tune I had in my head but now I think it works spoken just as well. I added the boo in the blog entry – I don’t know how to embed this here, so here’s the link to the boo itself:

tìng mikyun / listen

Fìway ngeyä lu txantsan ulte seysonìltsan ma Plumps! Karma ngaru! :D

Kosman sì lor. :)

Irayo nìtxan, ma meylan!

New blog entry with audio: tìng mikyun / listen

Blue Elf:
Nìngay solunu oer nìtxan fwa yune mokrit ngeyä a inan wayit alu Way ikranä.
Really it reminded me "A bit of poetry", which was broadcasted many years ago in the TV. When hearing voice, it clearly shows how well is that poem written and how nice it rhymes. Karma for this poem!

Also second recording is great to hear, your voice is really pleasant. What is interesting, you always pronounce oer as oeru (not a mistake, but if you follow text together with voice, you see it very clearly).
Simply very good job, both of them.


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