Official MELB Avatar Meet - Sun 14th Feb

Started by Tsyeymzi, February 11, 2010, 04:40:55 AM

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NOTE: I have also posted this on the Avatar-Forums and apparently, not everyone here, goes there, so here is a duplicate thread.

OFFICIAL Avatar Meet
Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Date: Sunday, 14th of Feburary
Time: 2PM - 6PM (Or Later)
Where: Melbourne IMAX (Google Maps: Street View & Overhead)

Current Guest List:
Green = Confirmed (From Avatar-Forums), Blue = Confirmed (From LearnNavi), Orange = Unsure

  • Kuntulyu (+ Friends) (1 Friend Confirmed)
  • HonorGuard117
  • PaTRioT1987 (+ Friends) (3 Friends Confirmed)
  • Palulukan
  • RDA_Jeff

The Guest List shown here is of just the people on the forum. I myself have invited a few of my mates and you guys can invite your friends too.

If you plan on attending, it is ESSENTIAL that you Pre-Book your IMAX Tickets. Irrespective of what the IMAX website says, it will be sold out on Sunday and if you don't Pre-Book, you will not get in. I have booked my ticket, so everything is go, book yours ASAP. Here is a direct link to the booking page for your convenience.

If you are coming, please PM me your Mobile number. This is just in case of emergency contact, or if you can't find us. :)

You may turn up earlier than 2PM and you may leave later than 6PM. The session actually starts at 3:10PM, but you need to get there EARLY as there is no designated seating. I myself will try to turn up earlier than 2PM because, well I'm the organiser; and if people can be bothered, we might go down to Lygon Street for Dinner or something. After all, Lygon is only one block from the IMAX.


I think that's it... I will add and notify as I see fit, thank you for taking the time to read all this, it is needed if we want everything to run smoothly.

- Kuntulyu


The producer of "The Breakfast Show" on NOVA 100 (with Hughsey, Kate and Ed) has responded to an email I sent them saying that they might attend the event.
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only found this today, but I'm an hour north of Adelaide, so wouldn't have been able to get there. hope all went well
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come on how'd it go
thos yanks had a good run down with pic n everthing
us lazy ozzys