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Started by Toliman, December 19, 2022, 10:57:29 AM

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SNL: Ryan Gosling Returns For Papyrus Sequel & Finds A Major Discovery In Avatar 2's Title

Years after Ryan Gosling's iconic Papyrus skit, SNL has revived the skit with a major twist after the success of Avatar: The Way of Water.

  • Ryan Gosling reprises his role in a sequel to the "Papyrus" sketch on SNL , this time with Avatar 2 as the target of font-related mockery.
  • The "Papyrus 2" sketch features dramatic twists, including the revelation that the Avatar 2 logo now includes a bolded Papyrus font.
  • SNL continues to entertain viewers with ad-libbed skits and musical performances, showcasing new hosts and a rotating core cast.