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I would like to continue this discussion without necroposting: http://forum.learnnavi.org/avatar-2/new-language-in-avatar-2/75/
All the informations are available on the original topic. I would like to continue the discussion because there are new people, so new opinions.

As for me, I think creating a new language would be a really bad idea. Poor Karyu Pawl! He would have focused on Na'vi for so many years!

The old thread also talked about the dialects, so here's my opinion: It could be a good idea as long as the dialect is a local way of speaking Na'vi (so no rules would be changed) and also as long as the Na'vi is not forgotten!

And you?

Toruk Makto:
I still think a new language would be a very, very bad idea.


--- Quote from: Vawmataw on September 09, 2014, 06:37:53 pm ---It could be a good idea as long as the dialect is a local way of speaking Na'vi (so no rules would be changed)[...]

--- End quote ---
Um, dialects sometimes use different/new sounds and endings, compared to the standard language. The letter "é" can be used for writing Na'vi (as of now). What sounds could you possibly mean by "c" and "q"?

A new language? Please no.
But, if Cameron want a new one...well.

I can imagine some dialects in Na'vi. But I somehow think that there can't be dialects because dialects are the first step of a way to a new language. What could be possible and could take the role as a "dialect" are the different way of talking words. There could be Na'vi groups that prefer e.g. SOV word order and another Na'vi tribe could prefer VSO word order etc.. Or a clan uses adpositions only as suffixes and other never use them as suffixes.
Clan A and clan B would understand each other but maybe, for clan A sounds the way of speaking of the clan B uncommon and vice versa. That would be a "pseudo-dialect", which is, of course, not. :)

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