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All three Avatar Sequals to be made in New Zealand

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20th Century Fox twisted hands of New Zealand to get tax benefits. I do not think it was for the benefit of the people of New Zealand.

Well I guess the tax benefits are for Lightstorm and Fox, but I'm sure the government side will have made sure they wouldn't completely miss out as a country.  It will hopefully help make it a centre of cinematic excellence which hopefully in the long term will bring more revenue to the country and help maintain jobs.  Who knows?


Fmawn eltur tìtxen si! Irayo! :D

Srane!  Fmawnta txantsan.  :D


Irayo, Alan, for posting this news (along with the video). Glad to hear the sequels will be filmed in NZ (aka Middle-earth)!  :D
And I wouldn't mind going to NZ for the premiere -- count me in.  8)


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