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AVTR2 delayed again

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That kind of delays isn't important for me.
As I wrote on few places, Cameron need at least 2 years from start filming to finish single movie (AV2). If He want to capture material for 3 films at once, that process should take little more time. So I'll start my 2y countdown when He start, not earlier.

--- Quote from: Hahaw[hhvhhvcz] on January 22, 2016, 11:14:49 am ---2.Summer is besser time for Cosplaying than Christmas. :D
--- End quote ---
Same here.
For AV1, release at winter build great climate. Especially in case when movie ends after 18:00 and it's night outside. Summer release for AV2 reduce night time, but greatly increase temperature. That greatly increase possibility of cosplay, meet-ups and similar attractions.
If summer was true, I'll start planning cosplay for AV2 too.

Don't cry ;) It may be delayed by just a few weeks, just not to compete against SW.
Otherwise, it doesn't work as planned.

I believe that the release dates for AVTR 3&4 are kind of jokes or great challenges. Making a movie is not always easy, but I'm not a great filmmaker like James.

Location filming on Pandora is not easy, Ikran are moody, Pali just want to eat and be patted, stroked and made a fuss of, Prolemures just want to hang out chill and not do any work, fan lizards corpse all the time, angtsìk are insufferably vain and willful, palulukan just waant to play and investigate everything, they have a habit of chewing thru cables, toruk have a union that seams to be permanent on strike (which is the real reason he has so little screen time). And Nantang are so naturally charismatic they distract utterly from what ever else is on screen with them.

 ;)  :D

Or they're just moving the f*** goalpost.

Then there's the biting flies, who are always looking for an angle to renegotiate their contracts for more money and better trailers.
And the rain - which is pretty much incessant - but at least it doesn't whine about the catering or throw hissy fits left, right and center.

 :D ;)


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