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It would be better if James was not hurry with Avatar 2.

Like he said: A man who can wait, making a masterpieces. :)

I'm not sure if that seed would work on earth though, seeing as it was on a planet with a whole 'nother atmosphere.

Tanhì Tireafya'o:

--- Quote from: Zalorticus on January 14, 2010, 05:35:08 am ---I'm not sure if that seed would work on earth though, seeing as it was on a planet with a whole 'nother atmosphere.

--- End quote ---
Well, it's also a whole other time than now. With all the commotion about global warming and CO2 gas, it's possible that in 140 years, the environment on earth is about the same as it is on Pandora. Except for the forests. I mean, they had to make those masks somehow to be able to breath, but it would be weird if they just come over to pandora.. "Crap, we can't breathe, quick invent a mask to let us breathe." So there must've been a big history behind it. ;)

Nìwotxkrr Tìyawn:

--- Quote from: Swok Txon on January 05, 2010, 12:45:45 am ---I just came back from watching Avatar for the second time i realized i understood ALOT of the language they were speaking and also i got a very sore right eye because it was in 3-D and the right lens made it blurry...

Well anyhow that's a bit off topic.

I told my friend who saw the movie with me that James Cameron said that it be part of a trilogy and my friend was like "I reckon it will end like this.."

This is basically his idea

In the third installment of avatar, they Na'vi go to earth and give them some kind of seed (like the home tree or something) and give it to the people on Earth who then plant it and wait for earth to rebuild itself. He got this idea because when Jake Sully says to Eywa in the tree of ancestors (or whatever) that the Sky People have detroyed their planet and lost its greenery. So he concluded that maybe the Na'vi give the greenery back.

Just his theory which i thought was quite intriguing...


--- End quote ---

I think that would make avatar to much of a fairy tale, I don't think Cameron would do that to his most successful movie.

I think that ideas about a sequel are fun.

I would love to work on a script with James, I think he could have fun with a different narrative for each of the sequels, to give some added dimension to the films.

Like having a Neytiri or Mo'at centric perspective for Avatar two.


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