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LearnNavi policy on unauthorized leaks and spoilers

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Toruk Makto:
Ma smuk,

 At the 2012 AvatarMeet, Jon Landau (the producer of Avatar) specifically stated and enlisted our help to allow the filmmakers at Lightstorm and Fox to release information about the upcoming sequels on their own timetable. Part of the allure and success of a film is allowing the curtain to go up and reveal the experience of the film as the creators intend. With that in mind, we at LearnNavi will actively discourage the posting of any unauthorized, or leaked material about the next films on the forums. We do want (and encourage!) conversation, speculation and guesses on what is coming, but we do not want to spoil the hard work that all of these people are putting into the upcoming films by trying to upstage them with "insider leaks". Please help us grant the wishes of the filmmakers in this regard by not posting content, or links to content that have not been specifically provided by recognized and authoritative news sources.

ta Markì

P.S. Considering the recent events and discussions at Avatar Meet 2014, we are being tested.

ta Txur'Itan.

Seze Mune:
I fully agree.  It might be helpful to give an example of whom we consider to be authoritative sources.

Toruk Makto:

--- Quote from: Seze Mune on July 24, 2012, 11:59:37 am ---I fully agree.  It might be helpful to give an example of whom we consider to be authoritative sources.

--- End quote ---

Funny you should mention that, because that is precisely what is being assembled. Obviously, the official Fox Avatar movie site and Facebook postings are good. Also anything that comes from a major news source like AP, CNN or the leading movie industry news sites. Anything specifically relayed to LearnNavi from the filmmakers will be annotated as such.

Information that comes unattested on minor websites or known "dark side" leak sources should not be shared here.

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Considering the potential good that this relationship brings to our community, I think this message needs to be 'elevated' to a place where it will be seen by everyone.

This kind of collaboration with fans has happened before with other films, with good results. We really do need to make sure it doesn't get 'spoiled' by 'spurious spoilers'.

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto):
I too agree. There needs to be a screen to filter the filth from the good.

I have seen several copy/paste from online magazine like articles that were so hokie that there were literal multiple misspells and grammatical errors that one HAS to raise an eyebrow. I specifically refer in this case to the posting of Zoe Saldana's house being broken into. That was several months back.

ANYWAYS, yes. I think we should limit the official sources to less than five.


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