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A Spiritual book of the Avatar film?


First of all, please, this is not a SPAM! And I'm not a salesman! ;)
Ok, now we can go....Hi, I’m a Brazilian writer and my name is Fabrício.
I’m working in a spiritual book about the Avatar movie. It's titled: “Parables of the New Age – Avatar: would you be the next?”.
This book is competing in a spiritual contest of writers in the US. The winner will have the publication of the book.
The first round ended at the beginning of this month. There were more than 3000  participants from the whole world. My book was one of the 250 best rated and I’m now in the second round. Great!
To pass to the other round I will still need public vote. First round was based only in the voting process, the second will have expertise eyes but I still need your support.
The next round will start at May 24 and I will present, now, a chapter and the book proposal.
So, I need your help. For now, go to my profile page of the contest and watch my video presentation of the book:
I’ll keep you informed…
Fabrício ( [email protected] )

Dude, if we can vote, you would get my vote.  Where would I be able to get a copy (if it's out yet)?

Really, this sounds like a very good thing. I'd go for such a book.
Good luck with your endeavour.

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
I have sent you a personal email.  I couldn't get your video to play. Can you repost?


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