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I'm hoping that James Cameron commissions someone (or even writes it himself) a book adaptation of the movie.  I have been looking feverishly for such a book and have not found it. 

So do i. It'll be cool to have a book based on the script.  ::)
Because it'snot so convenient to read the original script.

I went looking for one as well! ;D I think there will be one soon. There usually are for big movies like this. <3

Aha! I thought I had seen an article on this:

Saw a different article floating around here somewhere, said he was going to.  AND it seems as if he will not hire the guy who wrote Aliens (if I remember correctly).  Seems like he'll write it himself, in which case I sue hope he writes the story according to the original script, instead of what's in the movie (few subtle changes, but they make all the difference).

Na'rìngyä vrrtep:
bad idea.
Cameron should focus on next film. We have movie, script it's enought for me  8)


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