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Penguin / Random House announces Avatar book deal


Toruk Makto:
From http://www.latimes.com/books/jacketcopy/la-et-jc-avatar-books-20171206-story.html

Fans of “Avatar,” the James Cameron film that became the highest-grossing movie in history, have something to look forward to besides its four planned sequels: a series of books based on the film series.
Penguin Random House announced Wednesday that it will publish “a wide range of books across adult and children’s formats” based on the science fiction movie and its upcoming sequels.

Congrats to the team at Lightstorm and Fox for making this happen!

Sounds wonderful.
Added to my todo list.

Txantsan! Nice news!

--- Quote from: Ertew on December 07, 2017, 02:24:42 pm ---Added to my todo list.

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Same here.

Great news. I hope it won’t be as confusing as the Star Wars franchise and that it will all be ‘canon’.

I wonder what happened to Steven Gould :-\ wasn’t there a contract with him as well?


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