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Possible comprehensive book on Na'vi?

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I have been thinking a lot lately, and I thought "in the movie they had that book for learning about the Na'vi, entitled the Na'vi, so I think that it is highly likely that a version of this book will be available for reading."  It seems to me that they will publish the Na'vi book as a guide to all their rituals, songs, and other important stuff.  I just think it is possible that they will release such a book.  Don't you think so as well?

Txura Tirea:
I think they already did such thing by making the Activist's Guide. Still, they could tell us more about the Na'vi.  :)

Sol Lupusnight:
He's right and i was also pondering the same thing today while at work reciting some navi words i knew, i hope they do because that would help a bunch. and the survival guide was a very good look into our beloved world of pandora, but more on the Na'vi would be very important.

Eywal ngaru teing oeti:
It would be amazing to have that book they had in the movie. I hope come out with a book like that, but I don't know if Fox would allow it or not.

I'd love to have that book that grace wrote in the movie. The Activist Survival Guide is a treasure trove of information though. It just arrived today i might add.  ;D


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