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Started by 'Tsamsiyu, March 07, 2010, 12:20:05 PM

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Hey ya'll, just something I noticed with my version of the 'Art of Avatar'.

So I bought this over a month or two ago and I first looked at it with the entire soundtrack and it was awesome, in the same league as the movie.

Anywho, recently I've noticed that the pages were not bound very well, with very weak glue, and as a result two of the pages have literally fallen out. Some of the other pages look like they might fall out with a tiny bit of wear. I'm really worried as the book is unquestionably beautiful and the art is outstanding.

Does anyone else have this problem, or have had these problems with other books?

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Yeah, it's a problem this specific book has.  You can see others have the same issue with their copies here.

Not all of them have the binding problem, though.  If you bought it locally, try taking it back and asking for a new one.  If they have multiple copies, you should be able to (hopefully) find one without a defective binding.


Miune was ordered off amazon and arrived a couple days ago. I noticed that the binding in some spots is loose. I've already contacted amazon and they said to send it back and they will look at it and shoot out a refund or a replacement. I asked my local bookstore if they carried any avatar literature and to my surprise, they will be ordering a shipment of the Art book and also the ASG. So i may fire up a refund from Amazon and then just use the refund to finish paying for my pre-ordered avatar books from the bookstore.
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This has not happend to me (though I have this and other books about Avatar) ;)