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Two Avatar books on philosophy and spirituality


Empty Glass:
Kaltxi everyone!  You might not know me unless you frequent Tree of Souls.  My only other post on here was some advice on the camping part of last year's meetup, but I've been visiting this site more and more lately.  Languages are a big part of my professional and personal lives right now, so I've thought it would be interesting if I could teach myself more about linguistics with a language that is completely different from the ones I already know.

Now then...I'm posting here because some of us on the other sites recently discovered the book Avatar and Philosophy: Learning to See.  It came out late last year, but paradoxically not many people on the Avatar sites seem to have heard of it!  So, I'm mentioning it here in case anyone's interested and posting the link below (still gotta learn how to format posts here...).

At the same time, this has also caused me to recall hearing about Avatar and Nature Spirituality a while ago, though I haven't heard many people discuss it.  It sounds interesting to me though.  Anybody here read it?


So yeah...I hope this is informative for anyone who might be interested.   :)

Txantsan nìtxan!!

I didn't hear about that book. I can't view Amazon right now, because I am at work...

--- Quote from: Empty Glass on February 18, 2015, 04:28:35 am ---(still gotta learn how to format posts here...).
--- End quote ---

Seiyi irayo ngar! :D

Blue Elf:
really interesting, I haven't heard about them too. Seems they aren't available in my language, I must do more researches.
Thank you for the info.

Empty Glass:
You're both very welcome.  And irayo Tìtstewan for the tutorial.  ;)

Kaltxì, Empty Glass -- nice seeing you here!  :)

And Irayo nìtxan for posting the Amazon links to those books. I'm going to purchase them for sure!  :D


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