Hallmark Christmas ornament

Started by nawma skxawng, February 07, 2011, 04:14:08 PM

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nawma skxawng

I just got this, sorry if the pics are bad, I'm on my iPod.


'Awvea ultxari ohengeyä, nawma sa'nok lrrtok siveiyi

Ftxavanga Txe′lan

You bought it in Hallmark? 0_0 It looks very nice. :) Although it could have other utilities than only a Christmas ornament, I presume! (;

Swoka Ikran

I have this myself :D It was an xmas present...all my relatives know I collect now, so my aunt got me this.

I like the pics :) The camera I had when I got mine had a broken LCD, so I only took a pic of the box for my collection thread :P
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nawma skxawng

My mom bought it, and my family knows I collect too, so I will hopefully get more stuff soon


'Awvea ultxari ohengeyä, nawma sa'nok lrrtok siveiyi

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto)

For anyone of interest. The Hallmark here in my current town is closing and at over 60% off everything in store. The price of the ornaments is down to $5ish and there are approximately 20 remaining.

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