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Swoka Ikran:
Having mentioned some of my stuff quite a few times on the board, and having been asked for pics a few times, I figured I'd post some pictures of my collection of Avatar stuff. :)

These 3 are of Jake's Dagger from Noble Collection. The actual dagger is 13.5 inches long. My only disappointment? The ugly box. (White corrugated cardboard box shown in pic #3)


These are pics of all my books, CDs, and DVD/BDs:

These 3 are of my two studio-issue posters from the original and special release. Getting these was a PITA.

This is of a Jake Sully xmas tree ornament I have. (I only took a pic of the box because the actual ornament came out bad on my camera.)

I found some of my ticket stubs from Avatar. I saw it 7 times, but I tossed the one from my first viewing (I NEVER thought I'd ever be where I am today with this movie), and my one from a March showing went through the washing machine...

This final one is a cheap Walmart poster:

Hope everybody enjoys the pics :)

EDIT 1/3/11: Added more pics.

Human No More:
Nice one... I'll have to post some of mine when I get home...

Also, you have the dagger already? Mine hasn't shipped yet... :(

I love that dagger, oe new! :D

they're expensive though ::)

Swoka Ikran:

--- Quote from: Human No More on December 26, 2010, 11:41:12 pm ---Nice one... I'll have to post some of mine when I get home...

Also, you have the dagger already? Mine hasn't shipped yet... :(

--- End quote ---
Yeah. Got it for xmas. :) Noble seems to have an issue with shipping sometimes, and a lot of stuff isn't even available yet...

Txep swirä:
nice collection, i like the special edition poster the most :)
where did you get it? by a cinema? or just in a store?


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