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Neytiri, Tsu'tey and more. ( My little Avatar Collection )

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Kaltxì ma smuktu

I want to show you my collection of figurines, busts and replicas. This thread will be continued from time to time, when I gather more Statues... whatever. Enjoy. :D

First the Neytiri Bust ( Producer Gentle Giants ).

She is so Hot! :-*

Now the famous Warrier Tsu'tey.  :D  ( same Producer )
I show any of this pics on the german subboard, but some are new.

This idiots forget his "Tsahelu". Thats so sad... :(

In the background is the pretty blue Lady from ( Sideshow Company )

Very sweet butt...   ;D ;D ;D

I collecting not only Avatar Statues. Have some female fantasy warriors of incredible beauty. :-*

Okay... I know this Board is Avatar only...

... but if a moderator would squeeze his both Eyes…  ::) or “to turn a blind eye to somebody" <-- sorry I not sure about the grammar... then I show them in this thread, when some of you guys interested. :-\

'Ivong Na'vi ulte eywa ayngahu,

ta Eichhörnchen ( Robert )

Seze Mune:
Ausgezeichnet, ma 'eylan!  I think a mod would rather open his eyes, the better to see your other images!   ;)

These statues are very lovely.  The likenesses to Neytiri and Tsu'tey are amazingly realistic.  Txantsan! ♥

Mllteie. These are adorable! And I also want see your female fantasy warriors collection. :)

--- Quote ---Very sweet butt... ;D ;D ;D
--- End quote ---
And double sweet tail! ;) :D ;D

Beautiful. I'm going to buy smaller neytiri. Did You saw that Tsu'tey haven't a braid/plait and tsahaylu? why he haven't?


--- Quote ---why he haven't?
--- End quote ---
Maybe it's sculptor's error?


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