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Hey guys,

You all know i am a big fan of Tsu'tey, and i have now a question to you all. I search the necklace from Tsu'tey, i search special the normal necklace not the Olo'Eyktan necklace... Have anywhere here a adress to order so a necklace, or a source to order this ? I hope zo help  :-\ The question is there somewhere to buy it at all? :-\

Greetings Marco

Kaltxì ma Tsu'tey

I guess you mean the necklace
of Tsu'tey like this one on the images
here (or that one, which wears the
Olo'eyktan?). I searched on the internet
and here on this forum and I couldn't
find a necklace which you want. This
necklace has to tinker. In the Cosplay
section I saw some interesting stuffs
and I would take a look there. Maybe
a member know something more than

Eywa ngahu!

Blue Elf:
Try to contact xellos - I think he created something like this himself. Probably he will be able to give you some know-how :)

Ah ok thanks for the tip, mayby can he help me ;)

try to make it by yourself :) best thing u can do :)
that's what i have done for my neytiri jewellery


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