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Statue of... Mo'at

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Human No More:
A young Mo'at. Looks good :)

Pam (P.A.'li makto):
Beautiful! And I agree; she really looks like Mo'at! And since she's my favourite character I think I could kill for this statue...

Kaltxì ma P.A.'li makto

Héhé, and the statue is very tall  :D ;)
But Don't touch, it's my Preciiioussss  ;D

=> I hope that HotToys will make more statues in the future ;)

Mo'at ayngahu frakrr !

Pam (P.A.'li makto):

--- Quote ---and the statue is very tall 
--- End quote ---
How tall is it actually?

The statue is very nice - I think also it's a picture from Moat in young years  ;)

where can I buy ?


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