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Well, this is the first time I am showing off my collection of Avatar stuff.
Each item has a story behind it.
1. First DVD copy: Bought it when it came out on DVD, because I want to see it again at home
2. Copy on my Kindle Fire: Little sister accidentaly did a factory reset on it and deleted all my game save data and pictures and stuff, so I bought Avatar in standard def (I only had so much in my account at the time). Of course I bought it after I restored nearly everything.
3. Second copy on DVD: Friend owns an entertainment shop, and had one copy left, and it was his personal copy, and he HATES Avatar (don't know why he had it) and he sold it to me for $2.
4. Copy on phone (not shown): Bought in HD for when I don't have my Kindle, or for anywhere.
5. Collector's Vault 3D: I was out of town, and I found myself in Barnes and Noble. Saw it in the middle of the main aisle on sale for $7.98. At the checkout, almost couldn't buy it, because of an issue with my gift card I got for Christmas. It was the only payment method I had on me at the time, but everything worked out. :)
6. Official soundtrack on my phone (not shown): On sale for $9.99, and I am a band geek, so why not.

A cool deck of cards came with the Collector's Vault, and I actually use those. Posters and stickers that came with it are in my laptop bag, and I'm debating which sticker to go on my car's back window.

I will post more pics :)

Very nice Avatar collection  :)

Here are the awesome playing cards :)

NICE!!!!!!!!!!  :D    I want!!!

Here are the small posters and awesome stickers. Turns out they're window stickers, not adhesive stickers. Now which one to go on my car's back window...
(If they were adhesive stickers, they would be all over my laptop! ;D)


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