Tonner Doll Avatar Collectibles

Started by Eana Unil, December 05, 2013, 04:44:14 AM

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Eana Unil

I think they look very nice (although the body painting could be a bit more realistic and the faces more Na'vi-ish), the wigs are indeed awesome, they're tall and they're Ball-Jointed-Dolls, so fully movable. Maybe someone might be interested in this, so I thought why not post this here. ^^

I'm not gonna buy me one, although they're really that nice that I might think of it, but I can't afford them for sure and I've been also crafting a self-made BJD Avatar doll for quite some time now every now and then I got time for it...

Blue Elf

It looks quite good, but price is .....surprising in bad way (read: too high). But girl is very realistic and also man's necklase seems to be exact copy of Jake's one.
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