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Unboxing pictures from the Tsu'tey bust ;)


So now I must also refer to myself as the owner of a great bust, of course, who would have thought possible Tsu'tey. I must say I am damn surprised postitiv, the detail and everything else just perfect to hold the missing Tsahaylu, but otherwise brilliant. But everything else about the comforts Tsahaylu, and away we hardly think it ... I also made ​​some unboxing photos, and I think that should explain everything Wink

The package arrived today at the 04.11.2012 at 11:20 local time:

A damn safe packaging, special for my favorite! :

Finally freed from the styrofoam, expecting an already an awesome box! :

I According to the map and also below the bust, the factory number 83 is a nice little number;):

All packed securely, and most of all I was surprised by the flashlight but it soon became clear that she just has a purpose, which illuminate the points! Care has to be extreme with the spear as it is really really fragile!

Even without the spear just great because I go to the heart! :

Then the whole again with a spear! Just wonderful to look at:

Finally, I can just say to me, as a big fan Tsu'tey something very special! Finally not only the little action figure, and even this had its charm, and will continue to have;) You just collect everything that has to do with his idol on good German!

In the sense now with your Tsu'tey Tsu'tey bust!

Looks great! :)

Human No More:
Nice, I haven't seen photos of the Tsu'tey one before.


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