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Xmas list ideas?


Swoka Ikran:
I'm sure there's people here that have been following the merchandise scene closer than I've been...trips this past summer and now the fall university semester have been keeping me busy.

I'm looking for ideas for my xmas list this year and was wondering what new Avatar stuff has come out in recent months. I've looked on Amazon and websites for some big-box stores, and most of it was the typical kids toys, books, $5 reproduction posters, and I think stickers.

I also saw the Sideshow Neytiri statue, but those were too expensive :( (and its size would be an issue as well).

Any ideas or suggestions for some nice things? Price can be up to around $150.

The stuff I already own is listed in http://forum.learnnavi.org/avatar-et-cetera/my-avatar-collection/

Irayo in advance :)

I've just seen two Avatar board games...
One is a 3D adaption of the original "Labyrinth" game and one is a completely new game with a cardboard kelutral in the middle of the board.

Maybe something for under your utral lekrìsmas?


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