Avatar Nation (Future Project): Casting Call

Started by ExLibrisMortis, September 25, 2011, 04:50:33 PM

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We're going to start official interviews for Na'vi parts. In this first chapter they're little in number, but we will be having more later.

Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì

Do you need to interview me too?

-Txonä Rolyu

AvatarMeet was fantastic. Thanks to all who attended :D

Avatar Nation Karyu :D

Na'vi Kintrrä #70° :D

Keyeyluke ke tsun livu kea tìnusume

Oeri Uniltìrantokxìl txe'lanit nì'aw takeiuk nì'ul txa' fralo

Fpìl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tìran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi


Lol, I meant auditions. Ill be getting them up in the next day or so.