Avatar Nation: July 9th EMP|SFM Meetup Photos

Started by ExLibrisMortis, September 22, 2011, 01:55:16 PM

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Hey everyone! It's taken us a bit of time since we here at Avatar Nation have all been hit by Real Life responsibilities hard, but nevertheless we're still here to bring the community all that we can offer! We've managed to get all of our pictures up on both our website and our facebook page. These are all our pictures from the July 9th EMP|SFM meetup. Please enjoy the pictures, and if you wish to use any of them for future projects please contact us here: http://avatar-nation.net/?page_id=41 so that we can make sure you have all the necessary permissions. Other than that we will allow all these pictures to be saved for personal collections.

Other than that legal junk, enjoy the pcitures! We look foward to producing much more amazing content in the very near future!



Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì

Txantsan nì'aw! The karyu approves :)

-Txonä Rolyu

AvatarMeet was fantastic. Thanks to all who attended :D

Avatar Nation Karyu :D

Na'vi Kintrrä #70° :D

Keyeyluke ke tsun livu kea tìnusume

Oeri Uniltìrantokxìl txe'lanit nì'aw takeiuk nì'ul txa' fralo

Fpìl na Na'vi. Plltxe na Na'vi. Tìran na Na'vi. Kame na Na'vi


Nice! Approval of the Karyu is always much appreciated!  ;)